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plus_icon Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy program features activities and exercises designed by licensed therapists to help you reach or exceed your previous level of function by regaining strength and mobility, managing pain, and improving balance and endurance. Through a comprehensive plan, that emphasizes gait training, strengthening…

occupation Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on the daily living activities that are essential to your independence. From feeding, bathing, dressing and cooking to home making, toileting, and safely moving about, our rehabilitation specialists provide you the tools to restore your confidence and peace of mind.

speech Speech Therapy

Residents who have experienced traumas, surgery or stroke often require the assistance of speech and language pathologists in order to communicate their basic needs. Our speech therapy program focuses on alleviating your discomfort and improving your communication by teaching you the techniques to help you breathe…

therapy Medical Nutrition Therapy

Proper nutrition is essential to your recovery and overall health. Our registered dietician, in partnership with your medical team, will create a personalized nutritional plan designed to support your wellness goals. Utilizing a liberalized diet approach, our nutritional team provides great tasting…

nursing Rehab Nursing Staff

We provide the most advanced medical and nursing care outside of a hospital. Our dedicated skilled nursing team includes doctors, nurses and certified nursing assistants who provide the following short and long term care services 24 hours a day.

wound Wound Care

Our certified wound care nurse provides daily services to adult and geriatric residents with chronic, non-healing wounds. Utilizing these advanced treatments and techniques, our specialty staff delivers comprehensive wound care that provides an efficient and…

human Physiatrist

A physiatrist is a doctor, certified as a specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine. Physiatrists (pronounced fizz-ee-at-trists) are certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

face Memory Care

Our caring team understands how difficult it can be to watch your loved one forget precious memories, even familiar surroundings. Our Memory Care Unit specializes in offering full support for Alzheimer’s patients and their family members.

bubble Psychiatrist / Psychologist

Psychiatrists and Psychologist provide services on a consultant basis at Solaris HealthCare Parkway. These physicians play an important role in helping patients deal and cope with physical and mental changes that occur during the aging process. The psychiatrist can be instrumental in providing medication management to meet the patients current needs.

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