wound Wound Care

Parkway’s certified wound care nurse provides daily services to adult and geriatric residents with chronic, non-healing wounds. Utilizing these advanced treatments and techniques, our specialty staff delivers comprehensive wound care that provides an efficient and effective return to optimum health: Call Today To Learn More 772-287-9912

  • Collaboration with a board certified wound care practitioner
  • Anaerobic and aerobic cultures
  • Orthotics, compression devices, wheelchair and pressure relieving surfaces
  • On site skin biopsies
  • Wound vacuums
  • Wound prevention and management education
  • Weekly assessments and wound measurements
  • Non-invasive testing with Laser Doppler
After many months of being by my wife’s side through what seemed like a steady decline, my old wife is back and I could not be happier. If it was not for the therapy staff pushing and believing in her and the Physician and Nursing staff helping to manage her pain I would not have the same Spunky Marion back, I just hope I can keep up with her…
- Jerry C.

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